Enjoy This Mind-Blowing Raksha Bandhan By Gifting The Pearl Rakhis

14 June 2016

This Raksha Bandhan, celebrate with your brother by gifting a stylish looking Pearl Rakhi to impress him. This vibrant looking Pearl Rakhi is teamed with beads, semi precious stones, roli and many classy items which add an extra glam to this unique Rakhi. This Raksha Bandhan, devote the time with your brother who also wishes to spend his valuable time. This day is generally regarded as a pious day where every member of the household takes part in a systematic way. This festival is celebrated all across India and also in some foreign countries like UK, USA, Gulf countries, Australia and many more countries. Pearl Rakhis plays an active role in the celebration and when they are gifted to brothers they feel impressed. This day marks the beginning of a new era where a brand new celebration is welcomed. On the day of Raksha Bandhan a pooja thali is decorated with various items like roli, sandalwood paste, diyas, zari, mishri, enamel work and many other items. This Rakhi Purnima is known by various names all across India like Raksha Bandhan in Punjab, Rakhi Purnima in West Bengal, Pavitropana in Orissa, Avani Avittam in South India, Kajari Purnima in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh etc, Nariyal Purnima in Western India and celebrated in Nepal. Pearl Rakhis are designed in a special way depicting various moods like Auspicious Beaded Pearl Rakhis, Bracy Charming Pearl Rakhis, Multi-Coloured Pearl Rakhis, Endeavoring Pearl Rakhis and many more. This day, celebrate with your dear ones of a family who deserves your earnest love and dedicate this day. This Raksha Bandhan every sister spends ample time with her brother and they engage themselves in preparing delicious delicacies which soothes the soul of every brother. The preparations include Sweets, Desserts, Dry Fruits and many other dishes which adds an extra ecstasy to this occasion. This day dedicate your heart for your brother who deserves your love and wait for this day for the last one year. This day mark your feelings by presenting Rakhis to the brothers and the sisters tie the Rakhis on their brother’s wrist. Every state has a custom for Rakhi according to various castes who reside over there. This tradition paves the way to build a perfect bonding between two souls not mandatory they should have blood relation.

The Rakhis speak the hidden words expressed from a brother’s heart after he receives the Rakhi and takes a lifelong pledge to protect his sister against all odds. On this day every member of the family rise early from bed, takes bath, offer prayers and at last the females indulge themselves in household activities like cooking. This festival generates a perfect bonding between a brother and sister who waits for the love hidden between them. This love symbolises the relation between a brother and sister not mandate it has to be of blood relation. In most cases different idols and symbols are engraved with this Pearl Rakhi which adds an extra eye-catching feature to attract the people. This Rakhi every individual is invited despite of any caste like Muslims, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists etc enjoy this lovely day. Pearl Beaded Rakhis comprises of a selected sect of people who loves the design and the accessories by which these Rakhis are crafted. This day welcomes the onset of friendship or a lifetime bonding between a brother and sister and this festival marks the beginning of this era. Rakhis are one of the important aspects in the life of every brother who likes to wear these mind blowing items to make their personality glow. Every sister prays for the long life, wealth and prosperity of her brothers and in return the brothers pledge for the protection of his sisters. This Rakhi was also celebrated in the historic days when the emperors and queens used to tie them on the wrists of the males. Enjoy this marvelous day along with the family members who loves to intricate with the younger members. Ultimately this day is considered to be the most soothing day in the life of every brother and sister.

Enjoy This Raksha Bandhan With Diamond Rakhis Ideal For Gifting To Brothers

13 June 2016

This Rakhi Purnima dedicate the intense love to your brother who desires for your care and loving attitude This Rakhi Purnima gift Diamond Rakhi to your brother which is very expensive and eye-catching to glance at. This Rakhi Purnima the markets are affluently decorated with all varieties of Rakhis which adds an extra glam to the culture which everybody thinks about. This Rakhi every female member has lots of work to do they wake up early in the morning and perform pooja by the name of the male members. This festival is not only celebrated in India but also in the foreign countries where there are Indian inhabitants. This celebration welcomes all individuals apart from religion, caste and creed who love to enjoy this festive occasion. This moment dedicate this special touch of happiness in the life of every sister and brother who loves to feel the tenderness. The festival of Rakhi invites people from other religions who also take an active part in this festival. Rakhis are tied on the wrists of the brothers who eagerly wait for one year when he would see his loving sister and the sister start preparing the Rakhi presentation prior 14 days. This celebration helps to unite everybody who loves to flow with the joy and happiness filled in this festive season. This Rakhi Purnima everyone enjoys the tradition of Rakhi and its significance which is felt in the hearts of the family members. This majestic festival denotes unlimited fun spent together with the family members of a particular household and this time is not wasted by anyone. This day invites every member who just loves to enjoy with their family and Rakhis are distributed among the brothers. The Diamond Rakhis are very costly and are distributed in the open market so that people purchase them in lot. The special features in a Rakhi not only fascinate the brother but also the sister who loves to gift it with lots of love and care. This special day is celebrated all over India by different names like Avani Avittam in South India, Nariyal Purnima in West India, Raksha Bandhan in North India, Pavitropana in Orissa, Kajari Purnima in Central India like Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh etc and also in Nepal which is considered to be a foreign country. Raksha  Bandhan is also celebrated in USA, UK, Gulf countries, Australia and many other countries where we find Indians living in. This festival invites some people from the other castes also who also enjoy this day to the extreme. In India festivals happen all through the year and people love to enjoy with their families and devote their time.

Talking about Diamond Rakhis Gujarat is a place where Diamond Rakhis are manufactured and are teamed with semi precious stones and beads which culminate the overall beauty instead of applying threads and normally metallic threads are used for tying the Diamond Rakhis. Gold and Silver are also used as chains which increases both the value and beauty of this particular product. Coloured Diamonds and American Diamonds are also used as a substitute but the value decreases. The Diamond Rakhi is widely preferred by an elite class of people who maintains a certain standard of living. These Rakhis have some special features which not only impress the older people but also happen to increase the level of excitement among the young ones. This day is considered to be the most important day in the life of every brother and sister who waits for this moment of love and affection. This day not only entertains the older people but also has a similar effect on the young generation. This day is basically meant for the brother and sister bonding but also in other terms this festival is termed for all the individuals who greet each other as brothers and sisters. This day is celebrated every year in India as well as abroad and the same ritual is also followed. Diamond Rakhis are very costly and are purchased by people who are really classy. This day cordially respects everyone in a particular household who are elderly by age and even they enjoy this Raksha Bandhan.

Express Love By Gifting Gold Rakhi To Your Loving Brother

11 June 2016

This season welcomes the festival of love, care and bonding between a sister and brother. This festival invites everyone not mandate he/she should be sister or brother in other words every female can tie Rakhi on the wrists of a male whom she regards as her brother. This festival is pure in terms of relationship which is pious and this festival is celebrated during the Shravan month and on a full moon day. This festival is not only celebrated in India but also in the foreign countries like UK, USA, Australia, Gulf countries and many more. This festival has its roots from the earlier days during the Indian history when the queens of a particular empire used to tie Rakhi to the kings of the other states to maintain a brother sister relation. This festival is celebrated almost in every state of India like, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Orissa, Chhattisgarh, Punjab, Haryana, West Bengal, South India, Uttar Pradesh and in Nepal. Nepal being a foreign country but maximum population over there is Hindus and so Rakhi is celebrated over there. Rakhi Purnima is famous in West Bengal, Raksha Bandhan is famous in Punjab, Pavitropana in Gujarat, Kajari Purnima in Madhya Pradesh, Avani Avittam in South India,  Nariyal Purnima in Western India and known by many more names. This Raksha Bandhan, celebrate with Gold Rakhi which is a symbol of royalty and elegance which represents an elegant lifestyle. This Gold Rakhi comes with lots of love which is unparallel compared to the love of a brother and sister. The use of Gold Rakhi is not a new custom but an old one and this Rakhi is used by the affluent people in this society. The Gold Rakhis comes along in the form of chains, bracelets, coins and many more attractive forms. This day cordially invites all brothers who wait for this entire day after a year’s gap only to see his sister who loves to pray to the almighty for the well being of her brother. This Rakhi Purnima also welcomes the people from the other castes who also participate in this festival like the Muslims, Sikhs, Jains etc. This custom is very old fashioned till the earlier times and till now this custom is followed the same way. This ritual is followed in different manner in different parts of India like in Punjab a different custom is followed rather than in Gujarat. This festival allows every individual who loves to indulge in this pious ceremony and dedicate themselves in this everlasting moment. The Gold Rakhis have a different style altogether clubbed with an indefinite form of love.

This Raksha Bandhan every sister and brother enjoys to the fullest as they unite together on this vibrant occasion. This day marks the advent of this special occasion which is spent along with the family members who enjoys this festival of Rakhi Purnima. This special day the sisters spend time with their family members who devote their entire time by making the sisters happy. This festival is also associated with the foreign countries like UK, USA, Australia, Gulf countries and many more. On this day the Indians who are settled in the foreign countries celebrate this day by wearing Kurtas, Salwar Suits, Sarees and many more Indian attire. This culture has the touch of everlasting love which signifies the softness in the heart of every brother and sister. The festival has many features, cultures which are interwoven with the spirit of love and which welcomes all age group of people. This Raksha Bandhan, devote sometime for the people close to one’s life and dedicate the love to them in a unique way, so that people remember them. This festival is also enjoyed with Gold Rakhi which are tied on the wrists of the brothers and in return the brothers gift their sisters with precious gifts which are not counted in terms of currency.  This festival cordially invites all individuals who loves to taste the delicacies which involves the goodness of the sweets prepared by the ladies in a particular household. This awesome celebration invites every single member of a family who loves to enjoy in this festive season.

Render Joyous Fun By Presenting Silver Rakhis To Your Beloved Brother

7 June 2016

On this pious occasion of Raksha Bandhan there are various variants of Rakhis which are sold as hot cakes like Auspicious Rakhi, Om Rakhi, Fancy Rakhi, Gold Rakhi, Diamond Rakhi, Silver Rakhi, Rudraksh Rakhi, Pearl Rakhi, Lumba Rakhi, Zardosi Rakhi etc. The Silver Rakhis are designed with several idols and symbols which depict the image of Gods and Goddesses like Ek Omkaar, Ganesha, Om, Sreekrishna and many more. These Silver Rakhis are decorated with beads, colourful threads, roli, beads, precious stones and many more items. This day every sister spends time in decorating the pooja thali along with a diya, roli, chawal, sandalwood paste which adds an extra glam to the celebration. This festival is celebrated during Shravan month and on a full moon day to make this day more pious. This festival invites everyone despite of religion, caste, creed to come forward and participate in this occasion where there is a tint of love and respect. On this day everyone feels relaxed and cozy when the celebration starts, at the beginning of the day this sacred thread or roli is tied on the wrist of the brother followed by the tilak session, sweets are given to the brother and at last the gifts are given to the sister. The preparation of this sacred festival involves everyone and at least before a fortnight where the ladies take enormous pressure on this day. The festival emphasises the fact which was untold that this festival was celebrated also during the ancient times and also relevant in this 21st Century. This day not only focuses the brother sister relation but also involves every female who considers any man to be her brother and she ties a thread on his wrist. This Raksha Bandhan is celebrated almost in every state of India by procuring different names like Raksha Bandhan in North India, Rakhi Purnima in East India, Avani Avittam in South India, Kajari Purnima in Central India, Nariyal Purnima in Western India, Pavitrapana in Gujarat and is also celebrated in Nepal. This day is not only relevant in Hindus but also seen in case of Muslims, Sikhs, Jains who also equally take part in this holy occasion. This occasion plays a vital role in the heart of everyone despite being a man and woman who loves to enjoy this festival with great woos and enthusiasm.

This Raksha Bandhan happens to be the most elegant festival in India which brings unlimited fun among the brothers and sisters as a consequence they wait for one whole year till this day arrives. This day the sisters worship by visiting temples for the long life, wealth and prosperity of their brothers. The main objective of this day revolves round the fact when gifts are given to the sisters and after receiving them they feel overjoyed in sheer happiness. This festival makes the mood of every single individual fun loving and they have an earnest desire to spend every moment with their dear ones. This day dedicate some special moment to your brother and take care of his feelings in a special way. This day welcomes the onset of happiness between a brother and a sister for which they await from the last one year. The countdown gets over when this festival knocks at the doorstep and fun is in the air. This festival is also equally celebrated in the Gulf countries, Nepal, USA, UK and Australia where Indians celibate by wearing traditional attire like Sarees, Salwar Suits, Kurtas and many other dresses by following the same tradition or custom. The tradition of Rakhi is the same from yesteryear till today but the style has changed and the variants of Rakhi have changed according to the choice of people. Rakhis are also exported to the foreign countries where they are sent at a higher rate and the profit increases as the variations increases day by day.  This festival invites people from far off lands to participate in accordance to the choice of the people who deserves to be the best. This vivacious day reminds every sister of their brother might be he is in India or residing abroad.

Enjoy This Raksha Bandhan By Presenting Bracelet Rakhi To Your Dear Brother

6 June 2016

Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi Purnima as this is called is celebrated in the Shravan month and on a full moon day which is regarded as an auspicious day. This day according to Hindu custom every sister prays for the long life of her beloved brother and in return the brother takes a vow or a pledge to protect her sister against all sorts of obstacles or danger which comes in her way. On this day a sacred thread is tied on the wrists of the brothers and this thread looks very colourful. This thread is also designed with stones, beads and many other items which really look attractive. This Bracelet Rakhi is meant to be very gorgeous as well as colourful and when gifted to some special person, he feels very delightful. The preparation of Rakhi starts before a fortnight and the female members of the family have responsibilities. The sister cooks delicious items on this particular day which is admired by the brother and even the other members of the family take an active part when it comes to household preparations. Rakhi Purnima is known by various names in India like Raksha Bandhan in North India, Avani Avittam in South India, Nariyal Purnima in Western India, Kariyal Purnima in Central India, Pavitropana in Gujarat, Rakhi Purni, a in Eastern India and also celebrated in Nepal. This occasion marks its identity through the invention of Bracelet Rakhis which are still considered to be real by some conservative ladies and the beads were made of sandalwood which had a mighty smell. This Rakhi had its origin from the ancient times when the emperors ruled India and these Rakhis have an emotional bonding. This Rakhi Purnima every sister prays for the long life of their brother and makes delicacies for their brothers. This day every member of a particular household wakes up early, takes bath and gets involved in household activities. In the beginning this sacred thread or roli is tied around the wrist of the brother followed by the tilak ceremony, sweets are given to the brother and at the end brothers gives gifts to their sisters. This occasion marks the beginning of love and bonding between a brother and sister. This festival is not only celebrated between a brother and a sister but also every female can tie Rakhi around the wrist of a man who is regarded as a brother. In this festival every member of the family plays an active role and after the occasion gets over they enjoy with the others and have loads of unlimited joy.

The Bracelet Rakhis have a high range of selling price in the markets and at times they are decorated with Gold, Diamonds and other stones which are very fashionable and hot item to purchase. This Rakhi render some sweet and adorable moments which fills every heart with lots of fun. This day fills the whole environment with love which is felt by every member in a family and thus every moment is enjoyed in a different way. Rakhi Purnuma invites every people from all religion, caste, creed who also participates in every aspect to follow each and every step of this festival. This Rakhi Purnima. dedicate yourself to your dear ones who seek your love and share the sweet feelings to your dear ones in a simple way. This Bracelet Rakhis are basically very expensive and are made with beads, roli, stones which are very colourful, the thread are also made of a fine fabric and this also changes the attitude of the person who receives this gift. This Rakhi Purnima, dedicate your feelings with a special touch from the bottom of every sister’s heart who wishes for the long life of her brother. This rejuvenates the senses of every sister who prays for the long life and prosperity of her brother who takes a pledge to protect his sister against all odds. This day is meant to be a pious day in the Hindu culture where every brother lends his hands for protection to his beloved sister.  Rakhi Purnima is celebrated more or less in every state of India and also in some foreign countries where there is Indian origin. On this delightful occasion of Raksha Bandhan every member of a particular household grooves in joy and that creates an extra spark in the heart of every brother.

Present Zari Rakhi Interwoven With Love To Your Beloved Brother

3 June 2016

Celebration is in the air when Raksha Bandhan knocks at the doorstep bringing lots of love and happiness. This season, render love and happiness with your brother who desires for your tender care which melts one’s heart. This festival binds the relation of the brothers and sisters who eagerly waits for this enticing day. This Raksha Bandhan deliver woos of happiness to your brother and get immense varieties of gifts which revives the heart of the sister. As time passes by Rakhis have changed their patterns like in modern times Zari Rakhis, Zardosi Rakhis, Sandalwood Rakhis, Floral Rakhis, Stone Rakhis, Musical Rakhis etc have a good market set up. The markets are filled with different varieties of rakhis around 14 days before this festival begins and this scenario changes in a particular household where the ladies start preparing for this festival. This Rakhi Purnima is celebrated on a full moon day and in the Shravan month. This festival invites every individual who are even inter caste and the females can tie the sacred thread on the hands of the males who they regard as her brothers. This day binds together the true bonding of the brothers and sisters who spends their entire day preparing for this exciting occasion. Nowadays, Rakhis are most often sent to the foreign countries by post or courier service centres who deliver Rakhis in a fast way and this only happens when the brothers cannot attend the Rakhi ceremony. This day is also celebrated in the foreign lands like USA, UK, Australia, Gulf countries and many more countries where there is Indian origin. Rakhi Purnima is celebrated all across India by different names like Rakhi Purnima in East India, Raksha Bandhan in North India, Avani Avittam in South India, Nariyal Purnima in West India, Pavitropana in Gujarat, Kajari Purnima in Central India like Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh etc and also in Nepal being a country where 90% Hindus reside. This festival binds the people together with the help of the Rakhis and they enjoy this season in a trendy way by following all the rituals which are important in this festival. On this day of Rakhi Purnima a Rakhi thali is prepared which consists of a roli, sandalwood paste, rangoli, diyas, dry fruits, sweets and the sacred thread which is made up of beads, semi precious and precious stones. Among the thalis there are variations like floral thali, choco toffee thali, roli turmeric thali, dry fruits thali and many more. During this festival, Gifts are cordially exchanged among brothers and sisters who have a true love between the two. The trend of Rakhi Purnima differs from generation to generation but the tradition remains the same compared to the earlier times. This festival also invites the people from other communities like Muslims, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains who also enjoys this Raksha Bandhan in their own style. This celebration makes a way ahead when every member of a household participates in this festival. This day has its onset when people rise up early, take a bath and dedicate themselves in pooja. This ritual of Rakhi has it’s outskirts from the ancient era during the period of Sultans, Mughals and Rajputs who started the tradition of Rakhi. This custom of gifts deliverance happened many years back and is still in vogue. This tradition is followed just the way it was formerly celebrated like in the beginning the sacred thread is tied around the wrist of the brother followed by the tilak session, sweets are given to the brother and then the brother gives gifts to his sister.

On this superb day, Rakhis can only bring together a sister and a brother who has a bonding not mandatory that should be of blood relation. This festival is not only meant for the young age group of individuals but invites everyone despite of his/her age. This festival is not only famous in India but also in the foreign countries where people wear only traditional attire like Salwar Suits, Sarees and many other dresses. This festival adheres to the rituals which are really fascinating as well as breathtaking and not expressed through words. This Zari Rakhi is made of shiny threads which are placed at the centre and as it is shiny in nature, it attracts the attention of the people. Zari Rakhis are not only meant for children but even the older age group of people can also wear this. These Zari Rakhis are really very eye-catching and are paired with colourful threads, beads, sometimes stones to make this item look really very splendid. The Zari Rakhis also have a motto and are tied around the wrists of the brothers who also take a lifelong pledge to protect his sister against every odd. This festival tightens every bond between relationships and thus we can say that Raksha Bandhan is a festival which not only spreads love and harmony but also strengthens the true bonding between a brother and a sister.

Enjoy This Festive Season With Your Loving Sibling And Gift Him Beads Rakhi

2 June 2016

The most innovative way to celebrate the eternal bond of love starting from the childhood days is only by gifting a classy Beads Rakhi. Beads are one of the most enticing materials which come in various shapes, sizes are which are the ultimate choice of every individual. Beads come in various forms like glass forms, metallic forms, shiny forms and meenakari laden forms. Beads Rakhis are designed with various components like American Diamonds, crystal beads, Pearl Beaded Rakhis, Gold and Diamond Rakhis etc. These Beads Rakhis are very attractive to look at for the exotic shapes, colour and designs by which they are decorated. These Rakhis are very classy and has an exotic outlook which makes every individual go crazy. This Raksha Bandhan every individual is invited with a motto to enjoy along with friends and family members. This festival is celebrated all across India and people from every caste enjoy this glorious occasion with enormous fun and glam. Rakhi Purnima has different names like Rakhi Purnima in East India, Raksha Bandhan in North India, Nariyal Purnima in West India, Kajari Purnima in Central India, Avani Avittam in South India, Pavitropana in Gujarat and also in Nepal. Apart from India Raksha Bandhan is also celebrated in UK, USA, Gulf countries, Australia and many more countries where there is Indian origin. In those countries Raksha Bandhan is celebrated with lots of fun and the people in those countries, wear Salwar Suits, Sarees and many more traditional attire. One of the famous Beads Rakhis includes Naka Tika Beads Rakhi in which the flowers are cut in various forms to give them a new shape which turns to an exclusive design. A small don is attached at the end of the beads work to make it easy for the sister’s to tie the Rakhi around their brother’s wrist. This Beads Rakhis are very classy in design and symbolizes an exotic feeling in the hearts of the individuals who desires some fun. This celebration of Rakhi is enjoyed in almost every part of India and people just go with the flow. On this pious day people wake up early from bed, take bath and deliver pooja to their respective Gods and Goddess. This day culminates in everybody’s mind about this festival which brings after it lots of fun and frolic which people enjoy. This entire day the females involve themselves in hardcore kitchen work which means cooking. This ultimate task is done by the sister who keeps a track on the delicacies which are prepared with great care and a tender touch. This Rakhi enjoy with your family members who urge for your love, care and they want to enjoy every single moment. This behaviour is very common in terms of this festival because it is not only the festival between a brother and sister but every family member is included. In this festival different forms of rakhis win the hearts of the brother’s like Sandalwood Rakhis, Beads Rakhis,     Gold Rakhis, Diamond Rakhis, Pearl Rakhis, Zari Rakhis, Swastik Rakhis, Cartoon Rakhis, Bracelet Rakhis and many more. These Rakhis are very cool, chic and have a contemporary design which makes everyone spellbound.

This Rakhi Purnima, submerges yourself in diversity and unity which comes from the bottom of one’s heart. During Rakhi people make delicious dishes in their respective households and the females devote their time in preparing culinary items like preparing desserts, sweets, dry fruits and other dishes. This Rakhi Purnima is celebrated in the month of Shravan and on a full moon day that’s why this day is regarded as a pious day. Enjoy every moment with the people u care for by gifting some mind blowing exotic Rakhis and also pray for their long life prosperity and wealth. These Rakhis are decorated or designed in different ways by applying some embroidered designs which draws the attention of the people towards it. This festival has its boundaries to far off lands even in the foreign countries where Indians reside. This festival involves people from every caste and they enjoy Raksha Bandhan in their own style. In Rajasthan there is a trend of Lumba Rakhis which are tied on the wrists of women especially who are sister in law, so that they are also equal like men. In India Raksha Bandhan is celebrated in different traditions and customs which people follow. This festival is incomplete without Rakhis which comprises the total fun and enjoyment. Rakhis were also familiar in the historic days where the queens used to tie Rakhis around the wrists of the emperors. This tradition is also intact in this modern era and prominent in every household where there are sister’s who pray for their brother’s wealth and peaceful life and vice versa the brother’s takes a vow to protect their sister’s life against all odds.

A Glorious String Illustrating One Divine Linkage

1 June 2016

Fraternal relations, as thrive in the human society, are solely dedicated in strengthening the texture of social fabric in this world and boosting up the spirit of attachment in the minds of people for one another. Amidst all congenial relationships present in this world, the relationship shared by a brother-sister duo is a most noble and vibrant one. An individual’s sister or brother is that exclusive one of life who shares with equal earnestness both the agony and the success of that individual. A fair sex or a macho sex sibling is that close individual of a person’s life with whom all those discussions of life and living can be made which cannot shared with either friends or parents. A sibling, older or minor, is that everlasting friend of life, who remains there for us, irrespective of our tiffs and arguments with him/her, as an essential juke box for letting us feel, at every moment of union with him/her, the candied emotion of fraternal amity and the singular feeling of kinship cohesion, irrespective to the grade of maturity and mellowness of age attained by us. A person’s sister or brother is that distinctive individual who remains, during the period of the demise of the person’s parents, as the sole witness of the treasured days of the person’s infancy and youth and as the sole and most worthwhile heeder of the person’s welfare after parents. Presence of siblings ensures human-beings with the intimate pleasure of having a family member with whom they can connect most blissfully and wholesomely when fathers and mothers leave this world. Even the secluded souls do not remain fully solitary if they are blessed by God with a sister or a brother---as then they are inherently affixed to an individual sharing the same lineage of theirs with the celibate linkage of kinship and possess a family member to fall back on at times when their solitude begin to engulf them. Such unique features of the bond establish the brother-sister relation as the distinctly most revered earthly connect. The Hindu fraternity of the world, based in India and settled in other parts of the globe as well, especially extols the graceful nexus between a brother and a sister through discrete clerical praxes on a certain day of a year. Marking the observance as the “Raksha Bandhan” (“Raksha” meaning To Preserve and “Bandhan” meaning Connect) fete, Hindus elect a day with an accompanying full moon night on the mid of the August month to realize this chaste commemoration of the sis-bro linkage with sincere devotion and ardent geniality. On the heyday of the observance, termed by the Hindus as the day of “Rakhi Purnima” (the full moon spell), the sister ties on the right wrist of her brother a psychedelic cord of silk designated by Hinduism as the “Rakhi”---the blessed bracelet. The religious order of Hindus, that is Hinduism, vows that by the weaves of this holy cord a sister is bound for her lifetime to wish to God for the flourish and felicity of her brother and the brother is committed for his entire life in protecting his sister from any and every molesting element and ensure her gaiety with his best endeavors. This unique celebration of the gifted fraternal connection between the two opposite genders of mankind becomes special further by the fact that on “Rakhi Purnima” ovation of not only the bond between a blood brother-sister pair happens, but also exaltation of a cultivated fraternal tie between a unconnected duo of man and woman (cohered to each other by the sentiment of kinship) takes place. Based cardinally on the soul-filling narratives of Hindu mythology and chronicles of Indian history the clerical “Raksha Bandhan” observance has not, however, receded in vigor among the contemporary global Hindu brothers and sisters—on the contrary, has become, with suiting vibes of modernity, all the more favorite among the modern “Bhai”s (Brothers) and “Behenas” (Sisters) as a fiesta to unite, enjoy and share the warmth of the relation tying them to one another.

The conviviality of “Raksha Bandhan” is a holy observation aging 6000 years and dawning first during the prolific Indus Valley Civilization. Sisters of the bygone days availed with pleasure, modest strings of silk, of colors yellow and orange (believed by Hindus as the colors of thread used by Goddess “Yamuna” and Goddess “Laxmi” to bedeck their respective brother’s wrists) and with skirted ends of cotton as the chaste “Rakhi” to garnish the wrists of their brothers. But with the ushering in of the 20th and the 21st century and the consequent fervors of fashion and designing, minds of the Behens began to seek for artistic and textured Rakhis to grace their brothers. During present times, Rakhis devised from skins of fine metals like brass, silver, gold and diamond and shining fineries like semi-precious stones such as ruby, topaz, emerald, velvet tissue, “zari” paper, multi-colored beads, dainty pieces of sandal or rosewood have become the most choice bracelets for sisters to exalt their bond with their brothers on the heyday of “Rakhi Purnima”. Adding to the glory, these new-age “Rakhi” bracelets also flaunt enthralling “kundan” or “meenakari” work (both symbols of native Indian handicraft) floral or figurine patterns as the centerpiece design and thus become a prized wrist wear to be preserved by every single receiving “Bhai”.

Within these heart-filling novel Rakhis, a much pleasurable kind is the Sandalwood Rakhis. Sandalwood or “Chandan” (as is known in the Hindi language) is taken by Hindus as a very holy element used as a prime item while offering prayers to God and realizing religious ceremonies. As history evinces, “Chandan Rakhis were the sole Rakhis in use in the royal families. On present days, the Rakhis innovatively crafted from sandalwood feature the singular trait of being traditionally contemporary. Principally beads of sandalwood and other riveting design forms charted from sandalwood are used by craftsmen to shape the Sandalwood Rakhis. Sometimes, in order to daze the buyers all the more, patterns like “Om” “Swastik”, figures of Hindu Gods and Goddesses, flowers and peacocks are devised by artists to embellish the center of the “Chandan Rakhis. Such craftsmanship has made the “Chandan Rakhi”s from a string to a wrist wear and Sandalwood “Rakhi” bracelets are the most fitting and fashionable Rakhis of modern times. Being entirely crafted from the fine “Chandan” and carrying the attribute of being a celibate symbol, these Rakhis are like a very valuable bracelets for brothers endowed with them. The natural heavenly aroma of sandalwood magnifies the splendor of the Sandalwood Rakhis to the height.

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Regal, religious and voguish, Sandalwood Rakhis, with their proprietary preciousness and inherent divine incense, enhance the fraternal cosset and cohesion intrinsic within a bro-sis nexus and strengthen, with their spiritual trait, the tissues of love between a “Bhai” and “Behen”.