Present Zari Rakhi Interwoven With Love To Your Beloved Brother

3 June 2016

Celebration is in the air when Raksha Bandhan knocks at the doorstep bringing lots of love and happiness. This season, render love and happiness with your brother who desires for your tender care which melts one’s heart. This festival binds the relation of the brothers and sisters who eagerly waits for this enticing day. This Raksha Bandhan deliver woos of happiness to your brother and get immense varieties of gifts which revives the heart of the sister. As time passes by Rakhis have changed their patterns like in modern times Zari Rakhis, Zardosi Rakhis, Sandalwood Rakhis, Floral Rakhis, Stone Rakhis, Musical Rakhis etc have a good market set up. The markets are filled with different varieties of rakhis around 14 days before this festival begins and this scenario changes in a particular household where the ladies start preparing for this festival. This Rakhi Purnima is celebrated on a full moon day and in the Shravan month. This festival invites every individual who are even inter caste and the females can tie the sacred thread on the hands of the males who they regard as her brothers. This day binds together the true bonding of the brothers and sisters who spends their entire day preparing for this exciting occasion. Nowadays, Rakhis are most often sent to the foreign countries by post or courier service centres who deliver Rakhis in a fast way and this only happens when the brothers cannot attend the Rakhi ceremony. This day is also celebrated in the foreign lands like USA, UK, Australia, Gulf countries and many more countries where there is Indian origin. Rakhi Purnima is celebrated all across India by different names like Rakhi Purnima in East India, Raksha Bandhan in North India, Avani Avittam in South India, Nariyal Purnima in West India, Pavitropana in Gujarat, Kajari Purnima in Central India like Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh etc and also in Nepal being a country where 90% Hindus reside. This festival binds the people together with the help of the Rakhis and they enjoy this season in a trendy way by following all the rituals which are important in this festival. On this day of Rakhi Purnima a Rakhi thali is prepared which consists of a roli, sandalwood paste, rangoli, diyas, dry fruits, sweets and the sacred thread which is made up of beads, semi precious and precious stones. Among the thalis there are variations like floral thali, choco toffee thali, roli turmeric thali, dry fruits thali and many more. During this festival, Gifts are cordially exchanged among brothers and sisters who have a true love between the two. The trend of Rakhi Purnima differs from generation to generation but the tradition remains the same compared to the earlier times. This festival also invites the people from other communities like Muslims, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains who also enjoys this Raksha Bandhan in their own style. This celebration makes a way ahead when every member of a household participates in this festival. This day has its onset when people rise up early, take a bath and dedicate themselves in pooja. This ritual of Rakhi has it’s outskirts from the ancient era during the period of Sultans, Mughals and Rajputs who started the tradition of Rakhi. This custom of gifts deliverance happened many years back and is still in vogue. This tradition is followed just the way it was formerly celebrated like in the beginning the sacred thread is tied around the wrist of the brother followed by the tilak session, sweets are given to the brother and then the brother gives gifts to his sister.

On this superb day, Rakhis can only bring together a sister and a brother who has a bonding not mandatory that should be of blood relation. This festival is not only meant for the young age group of individuals but invites everyone despite of his/her age. This festival is not only famous in India but also in the foreign countries where people wear only traditional attire like Salwar Suits, Sarees and many other dresses. This festival adheres to the rituals which are really fascinating as well as breathtaking and not expressed through words. This Zari Rakhi is made of shiny threads which are placed at the centre and as it is shiny in nature, it attracts the attention of the people. Zari Rakhis are not only meant for children but even the older age group of people can also wear this. These Zari Rakhis are really very eye-catching and are paired with colourful threads, beads, sometimes stones to make this item look really very splendid. The Zari Rakhis also have a motto and are tied around the wrists of the brothers who also take a lifelong pledge to protect his sister against every odd. This festival tightens every bond between relationships and thus we can say that Raksha Bandhan is a festival which not only spreads love and harmony but also strengthens the true bonding between a brother and a sister.

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