Enjoy This Raksha Bandhan By Presenting Bracelet Rakhi To Your Dear Brother

6 June 2016

Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi Purnima as this is called is celebrated in the Shravan month and on a full moon day which is regarded as an auspicious day. This day according to Hindu custom every sister prays for the long life of her beloved brother and in return the brother takes a vow or a pledge to protect her sister against all sorts of obstacles or danger which comes in her way. On this day a sacred thread is tied on the wrists of the brothers and this thread looks very colourful. This thread is also designed with stones, beads and many other items which really look attractive. This Bracelet Rakhi is meant to be very gorgeous as well as colourful and when gifted to some special person, he feels very delightful. The preparation of Rakhi starts before a fortnight and the female members of the family have responsibilities. The sister cooks delicious items on this particular day which is admired by the brother and even the other members of the family take an active part when it comes to household preparations. Rakhi Purnima is known by various names in India like Raksha Bandhan in North India, Avani Avittam in South India, Nariyal Purnima in Western India, Kariyal Purnima in Central India, Pavitropana in Gujarat, Rakhi Purni, a in Eastern India and also celebrated in Nepal. This occasion marks its identity through the invention of Bracelet Rakhis which are still considered to be real by some conservative ladies and the beads were made of sandalwood which had a mighty smell. This Rakhi had its origin from the ancient times when the emperors ruled India and these Rakhis have an emotional bonding. This Rakhi Purnima every sister prays for the long life of their brother and makes delicacies for their brothers. This day every member of a particular household wakes up early, takes bath and gets involved in household activities. In the beginning this sacred thread or roli is tied around the wrist of the brother followed by the tilak ceremony, sweets are given to the brother and at the end brothers gives gifts to their sisters. This occasion marks the beginning of love and bonding between a brother and sister. This festival is not only celebrated between a brother and a sister but also every female can tie Rakhi around the wrist of a man who is regarded as a brother. In this festival every member of the family plays an active role and after the occasion gets over they enjoy with the others and have loads of unlimited joy.

The Bracelet Rakhis have a high range of selling price in the markets and at times they are decorated with Gold, Diamonds and other stones which are very fashionable and hot item to purchase. This Rakhi render some sweet and adorable moments which fills every heart with lots of fun. This day fills the whole environment with love which is felt by every member in a family and thus every moment is enjoyed in a different way. Rakhi Purnuma invites every people from all religion, caste, creed who also participates in every aspect to follow each and every step of this festival. This Rakhi Purnima. dedicate yourself to your dear ones who seek your love and share the sweet feelings to your dear ones in a simple way. This Bracelet Rakhis are basically very expensive and are made with beads, roli, stones which are very colourful, the thread are also made of a fine fabric and this also changes the attitude of the person who receives this gift. This Rakhi Purnima, dedicate your feelings with a special touch from the bottom of every sister’s heart who wishes for the long life of her brother. This rejuvenates the senses of every sister who prays for the long life and prosperity of her brother who takes a pledge to protect his sister against all odds. This day is meant to be a pious day in the Hindu culture where every brother lends his hands for protection to his beloved sister.  Rakhi Purnima is celebrated more or less in every state of India and also in some foreign countries where there is Indian origin. On this delightful occasion of Raksha Bandhan every member of a particular household grooves in joy and that creates an extra spark in the heart of every brother.

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