Enjoy This Festive Season With Your Loving Sibling And Gift Him Beads Rakhi

2 June 2016

The most innovative way to celebrate the eternal bond of love starting from the childhood days is only by gifting a classy Beads Rakhi. Beads are one of the most enticing materials which come in various shapes, sizes are which are the ultimate choice of every individual. Beads come in various forms like glass forms, metallic forms, shiny forms and meenakari laden forms. Beads Rakhis are designed with various components like American Diamonds, crystal beads, Pearl Beaded Rakhis, Gold and Diamond Rakhis etc. These Beads Rakhis are very attractive to look at for the exotic shapes, colour and designs by which they are decorated. These Rakhis are very classy and has an exotic outlook which makes every individual go crazy. This Raksha Bandhan every individual is invited with a motto to enjoy along with friends and family members. This festival is celebrated all across India and people from every caste enjoy this glorious occasion with enormous fun and glam. Rakhi Purnima has different names like Rakhi Purnima in East India, Raksha Bandhan in North India, Nariyal Purnima in West India, Kajari Purnima in Central India, Avani Avittam in South India, Pavitropana in Gujarat and also in Nepal. Apart from India Raksha Bandhan is also celebrated in UK, USA, Gulf countries, Australia and many more countries where there is Indian origin. In those countries Raksha Bandhan is celebrated with lots of fun and the people in those countries, wear Salwar Suits, Sarees and many more traditional attire. One of the famous Beads Rakhis includes Naka Tika Beads Rakhi in which the flowers are cut in various forms to give them a new shape which turns to an exclusive design. A small don is attached at the end of the beads work to make it easy for the sister’s to tie the Rakhi around their brother’s wrist. This Beads Rakhis are very classy in design and symbolizes an exotic feeling in the hearts of the individuals who desires some fun. This celebration of Rakhi is enjoyed in almost every part of India and people just go with the flow. On this pious day people wake up early from bed, take bath and deliver pooja to their respective Gods and Goddess. This day culminates in everybody’s mind about this festival which brings after it lots of fun and frolic which people enjoy. This entire day the females involve themselves in hardcore kitchen work which means cooking. This ultimate task is done by the sister who keeps a track on the delicacies which are prepared with great care and a tender touch. This Rakhi enjoy with your family members who urge for your love, care and they want to enjoy every single moment. This behaviour is very common in terms of this festival because it is not only the festival between a brother and sister but every family member is included. In this festival different forms of rakhis win the hearts of the brother’s like Sandalwood Rakhis, Beads Rakhis,     Gold Rakhis, Diamond Rakhis, Pearl Rakhis, Zari Rakhis, Swastik Rakhis, Cartoon Rakhis, Bracelet Rakhis and many more. These Rakhis are very cool, chic and have a contemporary design which makes everyone spellbound.

This Rakhi Purnima, submerges yourself in diversity and unity which comes from the bottom of one’s heart. During Rakhi people make delicious dishes in their respective households and the females devote their time in preparing culinary items like preparing desserts, sweets, dry fruits and other dishes. This Rakhi Purnima is celebrated in the month of Shravan and on a full moon day that’s why this day is regarded as a pious day. Enjoy every moment with the people u care for by gifting some mind blowing exotic Rakhis and also pray for their long life prosperity and wealth. These Rakhis are decorated or designed in different ways by applying some embroidered designs which draws the attention of the people towards it. This festival has its boundaries to far off lands even in the foreign countries where Indians reside. This festival involves people from every caste and they enjoy Raksha Bandhan in their own style. In Rajasthan there is a trend of Lumba Rakhis which are tied on the wrists of women especially who are sister in law, so that they are also equal like men. In India Raksha Bandhan is celebrated in different traditions and customs which people follow. This festival is incomplete without Rakhis which comprises the total fun and enjoyment. Rakhis were also familiar in the historic days where the queens used to tie Rakhis around the wrists of the emperors. This tradition is also intact in this modern era and prominent in every household where there are sister’s who pray for their brother’s wealth and peaceful life and vice versa the brother’s takes a vow to protect their sister’s life against all odds.

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