Enjoy This Mind-Blowing Raksha Bandhan By Gifting The Pearl Rakhis

14 June 2016

This Raksha Bandhan, celebrate with your brother by gifting a stylish looking Pearl Rakhi to impress him. This vibrant looking Pearl Rakhi is teamed with beads, semi precious stones, roli and many classy items which add an extra glam to this unique Rakhi. This Raksha Bandhan, devote the time with your brother who also wishes to spend his valuable time. This day is generally regarded as a pious day where every member of the household takes part in a systematic way. This festival is celebrated all across India and also in some foreign countries like UK, USA, Gulf countries, Australia and many more countries. Pearl Rakhis plays an active role in the celebration and when they are gifted to brothers they feel impressed. This day marks the beginning of a new era where a brand new celebration is welcomed. On the day of Raksha Bandhan a pooja thali is decorated with various items like roli, sandalwood paste, diyas, zari, mishri, enamel work and many other items. This Rakhi Purnima is known by various names all across India like Raksha Bandhan in Punjab, Rakhi Purnima in West Bengal, Pavitropana in Orissa, Avani Avittam in South India, Kajari Purnima in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh etc, Nariyal Purnima in Western India and celebrated in Nepal. Pearl Rakhis are designed in a special way depicting various moods like Auspicious Beaded Pearl Rakhis, Bracy Charming Pearl Rakhis, Multi-Coloured Pearl Rakhis, Endeavoring Pearl Rakhis and many more. This day, celebrate with your dear ones of a family who deserves your earnest love and dedicate this day. This Raksha Bandhan every sister spends ample time with her brother and they engage themselves in preparing delicious delicacies which soothes the soul of every brother. The preparations include Sweets, Desserts, Dry Fruits and many other dishes which adds an extra ecstasy to this occasion. This day dedicate your heart for your brother who deserves your love and wait for this day for the last one year. This day mark your feelings by presenting Rakhis to the brothers and the sisters tie the Rakhis on their brother’s wrist. Every state has a custom for Rakhi according to various castes who reside over there. This tradition paves the way to build a perfect bonding between two souls not mandatory they should have blood relation.

The Rakhis speak the hidden words expressed from a brother’s heart after he receives the Rakhi and takes a lifelong pledge to protect his sister against all odds. On this day every member of the family rise early from bed, takes bath, offer prayers and at last the females indulge themselves in household activities like cooking. This festival generates a perfect bonding between a brother and sister who waits for the love hidden between them. This love symbolises the relation between a brother and sister not mandate it has to be of blood relation. In most cases different idols and symbols are engraved with this Pearl Rakhi which adds an extra eye-catching feature to attract the people. This Rakhi every individual is invited despite of any caste like Muslims, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists etc enjoy this lovely day. Pearl Beaded Rakhis comprises of a selected sect of people who loves the design and the accessories by which these Rakhis are crafted. This day welcomes the onset of friendship or a lifetime bonding between a brother and sister and this festival marks the beginning of this era. Rakhis are one of the important aspects in the life of every brother who likes to wear these mind blowing items to make their personality glow. Every sister prays for the long life, wealth and prosperity of her brothers and in return the brothers pledge for the protection of his sisters. This Rakhi was also celebrated in the historic days when the emperors and queens used to tie them on the wrists of the males. Enjoy this marvelous day along with the family members who loves to intricate with the younger members. Ultimately this day is considered to be the most soothing day in the life of every brother and sister.

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