Express Love By Gifting Gold Rakhi To Your Loving Brother

11 June 2016

This season welcomes the festival of love, care and bonding between a sister and brother. This festival invites everyone not mandate he/she should be sister or brother in other words every female can tie Rakhi on the wrists of a male whom she regards as her brother. This festival is pure in terms of relationship which is pious and this festival is celebrated during the Shravan month and on a full moon day. This festival is not only celebrated in India but also in the foreign countries like UK, USA, Australia, Gulf countries and many more. This festival has its roots from the earlier days during the Indian history when the queens of a particular empire used to tie Rakhi to the kings of the other states to maintain a brother sister relation. This festival is celebrated almost in every state of India like, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Orissa, Chhattisgarh, Punjab, Haryana, West Bengal, South India, Uttar Pradesh and in Nepal. Nepal being a foreign country but maximum population over there is Hindus and so Rakhi is celebrated over there. Rakhi Purnima is famous in West Bengal, Raksha Bandhan is famous in Punjab, Pavitropana in Gujarat, Kajari Purnima in Madhya Pradesh, Avani Avittam in South India,  Nariyal Purnima in Western India and known by many more names. This Raksha Bandhan, celebrate with Gold Rakhi which is a symbol of royalty and elegance which represents an elegant lifestyle. This Gold Rakhi comes with lots of love which is unparallel compared to the love of a brother and sister. The use of Gold Rakhi is not a new custom but an old one and this Rakhi is used by the affluent people in this society. The Gold Rakhis comes along in the form of chains, bracelets, coins and many more attractive forms. This day cordially invites all brothers who wait for this entire day after a year’s gap only to see his sister who loves to pray to the almighty for the well being of her brother. This Rakhi Purnima also welcomes the people from the other castes who also participate in this festival like the Muslims, Sikhs, Jains etc. This custom is very old fashioned till the earlier times and till now this custom is followed the same way. This ritual is followed in different manner in different parts of India like in Punjab a different custom is followed rather than in Gujarat. This festival allows every individual who loves to indulge in this pious ceremony and dedicate themselves in this everlasting moment. The Gold Rakhis have a different style altogether clubbed with an indefinite form of love.

This Raksha Bandhan every sister and brother enjoys to the fullest as they unite together on this vibrant occasion. This day marks the advent of this special occasion which is spent along with the family members who enjoys this festival of Rakhi Purnima. This special day the sisters spend time with their family members who devote their entire time by making the sisters happy. This festival is also associated with the foreign countries like UK, USA, Australia, Gulf countries and many more. On this day the Indians who are settled in the foreign countries celebrate this day by wearing Kurtas, Salwar Suits, Sarees and many more Indian attire. This culture has the touch of everlasting love which signifies the softness in the heart of every brother and sister. The festival has many features, cultures which are interwoven with the spirit of love and which welcomes all age group of people. This Raksha Bandhan, devote sometime for the people close to one’s life and dedicate the love to them in a unique way, so that people remember them. This festival is also enjoyed with Gold Rakhi which are tied on the wrists of the brothers and in return the brothers gift their sisters with precious gifts which are not counted in terms of currency.  This festival cordially invites all individuals who loves to taste the delicacies which involves the goodness of the sweets prepared by the ladies in a particular household. This awesome celebration invites every single member of a family who loves to enjoy in this festive season.

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