Joyfulness To Little Hearts On The Day Of Rakhi Purnima

19 July 2016

A younger brother is a very special gift in a girl’s life. He is, at the same time, a world of pain and a bundle of delight for her. As his ever-increasing curiosity of exploring her room and thereby meddling with her things gives her an instant fit of anger, his dainty gestures like hand-crafting a birthday card for her birthday, sharing his share of chocolate with her, flaunting about her successes among his friends and always giving her his heart-felt moral support in any of her resolutions and thinking her to be the Super-Girl of his life—fills her mind with the wholesome pleasure of having him in life. The existence of a younger brother enables a girl to cultivate some exquisite aspects of her humanitarianism. While taking care of her little brother’s everyday livelihood, she gets to learn, from a young age, about assuming responsibilities, fondling the little one and doing the best on her part to ensure the joyfulness of the child’s growing up years, helps her to cultivate, in a much hearty maneuver, her inherent motherly instinct. Attaining the age of maturity along with her little brother makes a girl a most complete human-being. She learns to be concerned about dear ones of life and rendering her endeavors to guarantee the happiness of those around her. A younger-senior sibling relationship between the two opposite genders of mankind is a dynamic bond which enriches the lives of both the elder sister and the little brother. While the elder sister learns to nurture her intrinsic emotions of affection and heed, the little brother gets to enjoy the multiplied fondness of both his mother and his senior sister. His days of childhood get magnified with cheerfulness by the presence of his senior sister who showers over him her heart-rendered cosset and warmth. The tie within an elder sister and her small brother is one of the most sweetened bonds of human civilizations.

Indian sisters are bestowed by their distinctive religion of Hinduism with a unique opportunity to fill the tiny hearts of their kid brothers with profusion of elation on a particular day in the middle of the month of August. On this day, Hindus across the globe celebrate the ceremony of “Raksha Bandhan” [“Raksha”=To Protect “Bandhan”=Connection] which praises the relation between brothers and sisters through holy practices. A coloured silken cord, titled by Hinduism as the “Rakhi” is tied by sisters on the right wrist of their brothers for the latter one’s long life and prosperity. The little brothers, who have not yet attended adolescence, are also not neglected on this day. Their tiny and tender right wrists are adorned with delightful “Rakhi”s of varied amusing types and textures. Makers of the “Rakhi” cords craft “Rakhi”s with popular cartoon and superhero characters carved over the silken cord and also devise, especially for the little brothers, “Rakhi”s out of cotton balls with entertaining shapes of famous toys to perk up the moods of the junior masters. Alongside with mirthful “Rakhi” strings for their baby brothers, nowadays due to the credit of the e-shopping zones, sisters also get to endow their junior siblings with exciting and enjoyable gift hampers, provided especially for the “Raksha Bandhan” occasion by the e-commerce organizations. The online shopping portals offer for the tiny brothers hilarious and sporty Kids Rakhis like Clip Teddy Kids Rakhi, Doraemon Dial Watch Kids Rakhi, Bal Hanuman Krishna Rakhi, Chotta Bheem With Laddoos Rakhi, Stylish BEN 10 Rakhi, Mani Jewel Gold Exquisite Rakhi - 14 Carat, Mani Jewel Exquisite 92.5 Carat Silver Rakhi, Tom and Jerry Rakhi, Fashionable Baby Rakhi, Fashionable Baby Rakhi, Fancy Toy Car Kids Rakhi, Fancy Teddy with Cap Kids Rakhi, Angry Bird Kids Rakhi For Brother, Ninja Hattori n Ben 10 Design Kids Rakhi Pair Gift, Trendy Spiderman Kids Rakhi, Ganpati Face Decorative Kids Fancy Rakhi Pair Gift, Cute Cartoon Rakhi Gift, Cute Joker Cartoon Rakhi Gift for Kid, Cute Penguin Cartoon Rakhi Gift for Kid, Cute Honey Bee Cartoon Rakhi Gift for Kid, Cute Gaming Cartoon Rakhi Gift for Kid, Soft Teddy and Cartoon Rakhi and many such other jocular but heart-filling deviations of the “Rakhi” cord in order to capture the petite mind of the tiny bros. The “Rakhi” hampers for the kid brothers include combos like Choco Rakhi Treat (Silver Rakhi with 3 Small Mouthwatering Chocolates), Cute Expression Combo (Angry Bird Rakhi, Roli Chawal Chokola, Crunchy Coated Butterscotch 150gms), Kids Rakhis With Assorted Chocolates And Teddy Bear, Kids Rakhis With Toys And Assorted Chocolates, Rakhi With Water Colors And Lunch Box, Rakhi with Teddy n Dry Fruits, Cute N Sugary Rakhi Combo [Designer Rakhi, Cute Teddy Bear (small size), Box of 24 Ferreo Rocher Chocolates, 1 Kg pack of Haldirams Rasgulla and a Rakhi Mug], Chhota Bheem Keychain Ring Kids Rakhi With Dairy Milk Basket Hamper and similar such gladsome presents to load the soft hands of the “Chote Bhai” [Little Brother]. Celebration of the divine “Raksha Bandhan” ceremony within the “Bari Behen” [Bigger Sister] and her “Chote Bhai” [Little Brother] adds a very heartening and honeyed angle to the religious spectrum of the day.

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