Premium Rakhi - Enhancing The Timeless Tie With Souvenirs Of Preciousness

22 July 2016

The nexus between a brother-sister duo is a real priceless bond of human society. This is very chaste connection between two human-beings which essentially symbolizes the phenomenon of fraternal linkage within the community of mankind. This sister-brother relationship is an exquisite connection—since in addition to the natural bond between sisters and brothers of the same parents and the same family, this celibate tie can take shape between two completely unconnected man and woman, simply by their feel of kinship for each other, surpassing even the boundaries of religion and caste. This is also the singular bond only through which the two opposite sexes of mankind gets tied to each other by the tissues of kinship and fraternity. The pleasure of possessing a brother or a sister in life is really opulent. The fact of being a lady’s brother or a gentleman’s sister gives to human heart the authentic guarantee of never experiencing the feeling of solitude in life and having the most real friend for passing the days of livelihood. Passing the days of adolescence and teenage with a sister, enables a man to be aware of the essential respect that should be given to all women at all times and simultaneously, growing up with a brother helps a woman to be acknowledged with the inherent self-dignity that thrives within the core of all men. Moreover, despite of being of two opposite genders, given to the fact of passing a big period of life together, a woman’s brother and a man’s sister becomes in his/her life that exclusive representative of the angels, with whom he/she can share, with fulsome comfort, all of his/her secrets and treasured wishes. The inherent goodness in owning an opposite gender sibling relation in life is encompassed in the fact that through it the two opposite sexes of mankind become learned about showing estimation to each other and understanding about one another’s natural traits of being man or being a woman. This fact makes social communication with people in their matured ages much easier and convenient for those growing up with a bro or a sis than for those who grow up alone. After the demise of parents, no one else, but only a brother assures a woman of still having the “Second Best Man” of her life and distinctively a sister ensures a man of still to expect some that unique adore of his mother through her companionship. A sis-bro liaison is a true invaluable bond flourishing in the society of human-beings.

Hindus, throughout the map of the world, esteem annually this distinguished relationship with earnest devotion and holy rituals on a particular day in the mid-August and entitle that observance as the “Raksha Bandhan” [“Raksha=To Shield and “Bandhan”=Tie] festival. The prime practice of this day requires the sisters to magnify the right wrist of their brothers with a colourful string of silken fabric famous in Hinduism as the “Rakhi”. Alongside of tying this cord and praying for the fulsome goodness of her “Bhai” [Brother], sisters also shop, elect and buy heart-filling and fine gifts to endow to their brothers with for this ceremony. Every Indian sister carefully save money round the year to pick and present her respective brothers the best mark of her deepest fondness for him. This is the one occasion of the year for which grandeur is given preference over simplicity and splash is taken to be more important than low-key observance. Sisters explore markets, malls and the cyber shopping porches to buy the most exquisite Premium Rakhi for Brothers. The “Rakhi”s made of semi-precious stones, costly beads, the refined Zari tissue and those displaying distinctive artistic craftsmanship are popular among sisters to decorate the right wrist of their brothers on this very special day. Each Hindu sister urges to buy the most choice “Rakhi” for her brother for greeting the “Raksha Bandhan” conviviality and thus feel delighted in conveying to her “Bhai” her endearment for him through gleaming and brightened marks. The online shopping portals offer variant elegant and luminous “Rakhi”s like Designer Dial Premium Rakhi, Swastik Stud Premium Rakhi, Flower Design Fancy Dial Premium Rakhi, Jeweled n Ornamented Designer Rakhis - Set of 5, Set of 5 Silver n White Stones Fancy Rakhis, Atoot Rishton Ki Dor : Premium Stone Rakhi, Crystal Beads With Premium Spark Rakhi, Crystal Purple Premium Rakhi and similar such illustrated ones to capture the attention of both the “Bhai”s and “Behen”s [Sisters]. The e-shopping zones also have come forward to help sisters in fulfilling their wish to load the precious hands of their bros with pleasurable and polished gifts and gorge the latters’ hearts with cheerfulness. Presents like Chocolite Sugarless Combo [1 Designer Dial Golden Touch Rakhi Thread studded with beads, 1 Om Dial Rakhi Thread studded with premium beads and stones entwined on silken thread and Mint Chocolite 100 Gms Natural Fat free Cocoa Butter Cookies],Elegant Rakhis And Roasted Mewa Bateesa Hamper, Rakhi With Namkeen And Almonds, Rakhi With Dry Fruits In Bowl, Multicolor Rakhi With Musical Clock And Chocolate, Embrace Oneness [Mauli Rakhi with Golden Beads, Chokola Crunchy Coated Butterscotch 150gms],Symbol Of Well Being [Black & Golden Laughing Buddha Statue and Yellow & Golden Bead Rakhi], Look Ethnic [Bright Set of 5 Crystal Studded Rakhis, 2 Golden and Decorative Boxes of Dry Fruits and Roli Chawal] and more of such fancy ensembles are available at the e-commerce places for sisters to select and order to gladden their “Bhai”s. Mind-captivating fine “Rakhi” threads and grand “Rakhi” gifts double up the divine mirth of the “Raksha Bandhan” festival in the minds of both the sis and bro.

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