On Raksha Bandhan Acknowledge Sister’s Love With Heartening Tokens

14 July 2016

In a man’s life, his elder or younger sister is the most exclusive blessing of God. After his mother, his bigger or little sister is that sole well-wisher of his life whose heart prays, every time as she faces God, for his wholesome happiness. In the absence or after the demise of his mother, a man’s sister is that only individual of his life who renders the best of her efforts to ensure his comfort and advancement in life. She is that unique friend of his life who witnesses both of his times of agony and times of celebration. In the most candid way, she remains a part of his worn-out days as well as a part of his cheering stints. She is that most enduring friend of a man’s life on whom he can fall back upon during his pensive and lonely times and who can give him the actual comforting companionship during those disturbing times of his life. After his parents, a man’s senior or junior sister is the only person in his life who shares his joy of success and happiness in prospering with a real heart-felt sincerity and who wishes for more and more of his flourish. Having the existence of a sister in life enables a man to experience that exquisite and chaste fraternal relation with his opposite gender.

This is a bond of attachment between the two opposite sexes of humanity which saturates the soul of men and women with a delighting certainty of having in life, after parents, a real dear individual, who is concerned for him/her and thinks about his/her well-being with that exquisite fondness and adoration, that got felt only during the blessed presence of parents. A bro-sis relation is distinctive from this perspective that initiation of this relation can happen at any time and at any place between a man and a woman without adhering to any kind of legal or social rules. As thrives the inherent fraternal link between a man and a woman sharing the same blood or the same family lineage, commencement of this holy bond can happen between a guy and a girl at any moment, if those two cherish the priceless emotion of kinship for each other. The authenticity of this cheering fact applies to all civilizations of this world, observing and cultivating fraternal links between human race. India, a country enriched with features of rituals, wisdom and morals, dedicates a full day in esteeming this divine fraternal bond that ties  the two opposite genders of mankind and entitles that observance as the “Raksha Bandhan” (“Raksha” meaning To Protect and “Bandhan” meaning Connection) fete. The pious observance gets held on a day with a full moon night in the middle of the month of August. At this holy day, termed by Indians as “Rakhi Purnima” (“Purnima” meaning Full Moon Night), biological, related and mutual sisters decorate the right wrists of their biological, related and mutual brothers with a colorful fabric band entitled by Indians as the “Rakhi”. Hindus of India, as well as those staying in foreign lands, realize the occasion of “Raksha Bandhan” with earnest  devotion and dedication to the related religious customs and praise the chromatic “Rakhi” cord as a very chaste constituent of Hinduism. On this day, the sisters vow to wish for brother’s mental and physical gaiety every time while calling God.

A sweetened custom of this day lies in the brothers greeting their sisters’ gestures with heart-capturing return gifts  like Cosmetics, Perfumes, Chocolates, Ethnic and Western Garments, Decor Items, Kithcen Gizmos, Beauty Packages and numerous of other mood-perking gifts. Alongside of giving a single piece gift item, brothers can also pick “Rakhi Special Hampers” from the Online Shopping Zones as well. The Cyber Shopping Portals offer “Rakhi Exclusive” Presents for Sisters like  Beautiful Ceramic Pot and Maybelline Grooming Hamper, Heart Shape Spa Gift With Perfume, Body Spray, Good Luck Plant With Coffee And Truffle Chocolates, Classic Pen Holder With Embossed Painted Chest Drawers, Printed Lil Sis Cushion With White Mug For Sister, Number 1 Sister Blue Mug, Tabletop for Your Lovely Sister, Pretty Earrings for Sister along with Small Bunch of White Flowers, Cute White Teddy and Chocolates, Personalized Photo Mug With Teddy Bear And Chocolate, Gorgeous and Elegant Sarees, Stylish Metal Bracelets and similar such mind-beguiling souvenirs for brothers to elect and bestow their sisters with as a sign of their adoration for their sisters. Gifts selected with heart-felt adoration glorify the divinity of the “Raksha Bandhan” ceremomy all the more within “Bhais” and “Behens”.

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