Make Your Beloved Brother Happy With A Swastik Rakhi

21 May 2016

Rakhi is a festival which is celebrated between a brother and a sister to mark a bonding between both of them. This festival is celebrated on a full moon day which is known as Purnima and the sisters tie a Rakhi or sacred thread on her brother’s wrist to mark the well being of the brother. The brother also takes a vow to protect her sister from all sorts of obstacles and dangers. There are various ways by which Rakhi can be classified like a simple thread can be tied on the wrist of the brother, in certain cases the Rakhis are also decorated by beads or colourful stones. According to Indian Mythology Swastik brings peace and harmony in the life of every person and so in some cases people prefer to choose Rakhi which looks dazzling. This festival is celebrated almost in every part of India and also abroad including Mauritius, Nepal and in some Asian countries. Talking about religion Hindus, Sikhs, Muslims, Jains and other castes also celebrate this festival which has a tint of love and togetherness. During the celebration of Rakhi different sorts of Dry Fruits, Chocolates, Sweets are given as a delicacy which is enjoyed both by the brother and sister. The celebration of Rakhi begins when the sister ties the Rakhi on her brorher’s wrist followed by an aarti or prayer which is also uttered for the long life of her brother followed by the delicacy session where sweets or dry fruits are given to the brother and vice versa. This day also has various stories from the Indian Mythology which depicts how this auspicious day was celebrated. The Rakhis are designed in a special way which looks really eye-catching and a special designed Swastik symbol is placed at the centre of the Rakhi, both sides are decorated with colourful crystal beads, pearls, or any semi precious stones, sometimes the base of the silver coin is engraved in the design of a Swastik tied with decorative threads which are teamed with colourful stones. These designer Rakhis are appreciated by every brother who receives these gifts which has a perfect blend of love and care which comes from the heart of the sister. This festival invites more or less everybody from different religion and caste whom the sister regards her brother, hence ties the sacred thread around her brother’s wrist to tighten the bond of love. Every brother should have the attitude to act as a shield for the protection of his sister and this is the actual procedure where love strengthens its bond. This day inaugurates the spirit of Raksha Bandhan when the sister ties Rakhi around her brother’s wrist and in this ceremony every member of the family plays an active role. Rakhi is also tied in the wrist of friends, relatives and family members not mandatory he should be a brother. This day revitalises the spirit of bonding between a brother and a sister, on this day especially every member of a family rise early from bed. Every daughter helps her mother to prepare delicacies like for example Mithai, dry fruits etc which creates an environment where there is bliss of harmony amongst the family members.

On this day every member of the family rise up early from bed takes shower and offer prayers to their respective Gods and Goddesses. Rakhi is also celebrated in Mumbai, South India, North India following various customs and traditions. Swastik Rakhis have various techniques by which they are decorated and therefore exhibit some marvelous designs which every sister urges to give her brother with her heartfelt wishes. This Swastik Rakhi is teamed with semi precious stones, beads, colourful threads and various other items which are ideal for gifting her brother who pledge to protect his sister from all sorts of hardships. This day is known by various names all over India like Raksha Bandhan in North and Eastern India, Nariyal Purnima in Mumbai, Avani Avittam in South India, Kajari Purnima in Central India. This day marks the onset of love and happiness which is expressed in the form of gifting Rakhis with a special heart. This festival attaches both the hearts of the brother and sister who gets departed and before the arrival of this festival they unite together to have fun. On this day Swastik Rakhis are offered to brothers to mark this day as an auspicious one and prayers are offered for the well being of the brothers. This day marks the arrival of a new starting of love between brother and sister with the gifting of Swastik Rakhi.

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