A Sacred Link Of Kinship And Amity

20 May 2016

Throughout all the human bondages thriving in this world, the bondage between a brother and a sister is a most sweetened and celibate one. This is a nexus of cohesion between the two opposite sexes of humanity which fills the minds of men and women with a pleasing certitude of having in life, after parents, a true close individual, who cares for him/her and thinks about his/her well-being with that distinctive fondness and cosset, that was experienced only in the blessed companionship of parents. A bro-sis liaison is exquisite from this perspective that commencement of this liaison can happen at any time and at any place between a man and a woman without heeding to any kind of legal or social praxes. As exists the innate fraternal link between a man and a woman sharing the same blood or the same family lineage, birth of this chaste tie can occur between a guy and a girl at any instant, if those two nurture the prized sentiment of kinship for each other. The fundamentality of this genial phenomenon is applicable to all civilized regions of this world, practicing and nurturing fraternal links between human race. India, a country cherished by the traits of rituals, wisdom and morals, dedicates a full day in eulogizing this spiritual fraternal bond that connects the two opposite genders of mankind and denominates that observance as the “Raksha Bandhan” (“Raksha” meaning To Guard and “Bandhan” meaning Connection) fete. The pious ceremony gets held on a day with a full moon night in the middle of the month of August. At this clerical day, termed by Indians as “Rakhi Purnima” (“Purnima” meaning Full Moon Night), biological, related and mutual sisters embellish the right wrists of their biological, related and mutual brothers with a colorful fabric band entitled by Indians as the “Rakhi”. Hindus of India, as well as those staying in foreign lands, realize the conviviality of “Raksha Bandhan” with sincere devotion to the related religious customs and exalt the chromatic “Rakhi” cord as a very chaste constituent of Hinduism. On this spiritual veneration of the virtuous brother-sister relation, a sister, who ties the hallowed tie of “Rakhi” on the wrist of her brother, pledges to wish for her brother’s mental and physical gaiety every time she prays in front of God and the brother, the blessed receiver of the pious cord, takes the oath to defend his sister from all the agonies of the world and try his level best to fetch her plethora of happiness. As is not limited the relationship of a brother and a sister only to men and women of the same parents or same ancestry and applies to any man and woman feeling an emotion of fraternal sentiment towards each other, so also the “Raksha Bandhan” commemoration calls both related and unrelated brother-sister duos to laud their bond with earnest affection and respect for each other.

Being a 6000 years old religious tradition, first gaining ground during the blooming Indus Valley Civilization, the fete of “Raksha Bandhan” has indeed been dyed with fervors of modernity with the current of time. However the new-fangled developments have not, assuredly, subdued the cardinal sublime spirit of the ceremony, rather these evolutions have magnified the chaste splendor of the observation, dedicated in acknowledging the distinctive linkage between a sister and a brother. The most noticeable change that has received welcome vibes from the Hindu community in realizing the “Raksha Bandhan” festival has come up in the designing of the pure “Rakhi” string. From being a simple silky thread with fringed cotton ends, the “Rakhi” cord has, with the moving forward of time, got bedecked with embellishments of beads, satin ribbons, tiny wood and sandalwood tits, flora and fauna motifs, tinsel work and many such pleasurable texture and has been transformed into much of a wrist wear to be treasured by brothers for their lifetime.

A both sacred and ingenious artistry in crafting the “Rakhi” ties of present times is that of making the “Rakhi” bracelets with the pious “Rudraksha” beads. The “Rudraksha” bead is made of a particular seed of a large evergreen broad tree and is honored by Hinduism as the most sanctified element on this earth shielding its possessor from every vice coming in his/her way. Indian mythology relates the bead to Lord Shiva, who is shown wearing a broad “Rudraksha” garland in his forearm. Hindus believe that the practice of wearing “Rudraksha” bead meliorates a person’s confidence and strength and aids the individual in nurturing in mind the traits of adoration, benevolence and gentleness. In whole, possessing a garland of “Rudraksha” beads or even a single “Rudraksha” bead patronizes a human-being in being more humane. Thus, undoubtedly, Rakhis made of the “Rudraksha” beads have gained much popularity among sisters, wishing for their brothers’ fulsome happiness during the blessed bout of “Raksha Bandhan”. “Rudraksha” comes in different shapes like “Ekmukhi” (with One Mouth), “Panchmukhi” (with Five Mouths) etc. In crafting “Rudraksha Rakhis “Rudraksha” of varied kinds are laid out in diverse sequences and combinations and, in another pattern, “Rudraksha” is molded with elegant gems and metals like silver, gold, semi-precious stones, pearls etc. Fragrant wooden round pieces of sandalwood or rosewood embody the two ends of the “Rudraksha Rakhis and make the cords all the more enchanting to both the sister and the brother. Rudraksha Rakhis of engaging texture are offered by boutique gift stores in the market and by the e-commerce devise as well. Sisters get to elect from varied kinds of this exquisite “Rakhi” cast like Fancy Multiple “Rudraksha Rakhi”, Single “Rudraksha Rakhi”, “Rudraksha” & Diamond “Rakhi” with Beads, Set of 2 “Rakhi”s – “Rudraksha” with American Diamond “Rakhi”s, Decorative “Rudraksha Rakhi” ,Stunning “Rudraksha Rakh” (center piece is fully covered with “Rudraksha” and Beads), Amazing “Rudraksha”-Pearl “Rakhi”, Exclusive “Rudraksha” with Diamond Red “Rakhi”, Traditional “Rudraksha Rakhi” with Small Golden Beads, Elegant “Rudraksha Rakhi” with Small Pearls and Sandalwood Beads and myriad of similar such beguiling ties made of the divine bead.

In accordance with the celestial spirit of the “Raksha Bandhan” observance, the Rudraksha Rakhis are a perfect choice that a sister can make in transmitting to her brother, by simply fastening on his right wrist a riveting “Rudraksha Rakhi”, the sublime positive energy that ensures his life-long wellness and empowers him in preserving, to best, his sister’s life.

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