Enjoy This Special Moment With Your Brother By Gifting Om Rakhi

24 May 2016

This Raksha Bandhan dedicate every pious moment to your brother who awaits your heartfelt best wishes. This day is historically very famous as per various stories which depicts behind this festival. Raksha Bandhan is famous in India as well as abroad and is known by special names like it is known as Nariyal Purnima in Western India, Kajari Purnima in Central India, Avani Avittam in Southern India, Raksha Bandhan in Northern, Eastern India and also known as Jhulan Purnima in Eastern regions of India. In Nepal it is known as Janaeu Purnima and in this festival every member of the family participates not essential they should be brother sister. Every member ties a thread on the wrist of the family members and offer prayers to Lord Shiva. Rakhis are tied on the wrists of the brothers who acts as a protector for their sisters and the sistesr in return prays for the well being of her brothers. On this day in every home where Raksha Bandhan is celebrated, people rise up early from bed, take bath and the sisters attend pujas with their mother and henceforth when the Rakhi custom gets over the sister prepares lip smacking sweets and other delicacies for her brother. This festival is celebrated almost in every part of India following various customs and rituals which is a mandate for this occasion. This Om Rakhi is regarded as a holy item which depicts the image of Om placed at the centre and on both sides different colourful threads are attached along with beads, semi precious stones, pearls and copper beads. Rakhis are sent abroad from India to various parts of the globe with an extra care and love which are sent from the sister’s heart and when the brother receives these gifts they feel very delighted. During this Rakhi every brother expects various colourful Rakhis which would create an environment full of colours. On this festive day every sister prepares some mouth watering delicacies like Sweets and Desserts which are enjoyed by every family member. This festival is followed by different customs like when this ritual starts the sacred thread is tied on the wrist of the brother followed by the tilak ceremony which is held for the well being of her brother sweets are given to the brother and the brother gives gifts to his sister. This day brings an extra happiness in the life of every sister when she gets an opportunity to greet her brother with the various ingredients like the sacred colourful thread, tilak which is applied on the forehead of every brother. This festival is also seen in the Muslim community and in their religion the females play a vital role when it comes to the well being of their brother.

The Om Rakhi is engraved along with the image of some idols which symbolises a spiritual thought enhancing this pious festival. This Raksha Bandhan enlightens the glory of joy and happiness along with the family members who also participates in this glorious occasion and enjoys their time in a stylish way. This day beholds and welcomes the true bonding of a sister with her brother who also eagerly for this day. It is also seen in some cases that the brothers who stays abroad also visits India during this time just to enjoy this time with his sister. Raksha Bandhan is celebrated during the Shravan month and also on a full moon day which adds an extra dimension within the spirit of every individual. This day marks the onset of love, friendship and other rituals which makes identification in the hearts of the brothers and sisters. This Raksha Bandhan sisters offer various dishes to their brothers and ties various designer Rakhis like Om Rakhi which are also decorated in a unique way resembling a pious situation which spreads peace and prosperity in their brother’s life. This festival welcomes the invention of some precious gift items like Rakhis which have variants and fills the heart of every brother with enormous fun and joy. This day is celebrated when the brother comes to see his entire family including his beloved sister who waits for this holy day to offer prayers for her brother’s health and prosperity. This day has a special significance starting from the historical days and those incidents are still repeated in this modern era. Therefore, Raksha Bandhan is a festival about the eternal bonding between a brother and sister.

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