Dedicate Your Love To Your Brother By Gifting An Auspicious Rakhi

25 May 2016

In India Raksha Bandhan is celebrated with an extra spark which fills the entire atmosphere with loads of love and happiness. This Raksha Bandhan there are variants of Rakhis which creates an attractive look and every sister wants to purchase these Rakhis for their brothers. These Rakhis are genuinely very bright and fits on the wrists of the brothers who wait for this pious day. This day is celebrated almost in every part of India by different names and the custom also differs according to the mindset of people. This festival is celebrated during the monsoon or Shravan month and on a full moon day. This day marks the onset of Purnima or full moon day and in this scenario this Raksha Bandhan day is celebrated with loads of woos and enthusiasm. On this auspicious day people offer prayers and visit the temples with their close friends and relatives to seek blessings. This day every daughter in their respective household prepares some ecstasy delicacies for their brother who waits for this momentum. This holy day is familiar in every religion starting from Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, Muslims, Nepali and many others. This day emphasizes the love between a brother and sister who shares a sweet and honest relationship and on this day every brother takes a pledge to protect her sister from any kind of obstacles which crosses her way. On the other hand every sister also wishes good fortune, health for her loving beloved brother and prepares mouth watering sweets, desserts for her brother. This day is historically very famous in Indian History starting from the Mughal era till the modern century only the rituals and the customs have changed. This Raksha Bandhan  is popularly known by different names in different parts of India like Rakhi Purnima in North and East India, Avani Avittam in South India, Kajari Purnima in Central India, Nariyal Purnima in Western India, Pavitropana in Gujarat and many more names. This day follows various customs which makes every sister and brother go joyous in fun and frolic. On this day every family member rise early from bed, take bath and offer puja for the well being of the respective members and the sisters prepare special dishes and desserts for their brothers. The sacred thread or Rakhi is tied around the wrist of the respective brother followed by the tilak which is applied on the forehead of the brother by the sister, sweets are offered by the sister to the brother and at last every family member plays an active role. This Raksha Bandhan is celebrated on a full moon day to make this day more auspicious and put a smile on the faces of the sisters and brothers. These auspicious Rakhis are decorated and designed in a unique way just to make all brothers happy and delightful. This day marks the advent of the event where each and every member of the family participates in this memorable festival. This festival is renowned among the Hindus and even in the Muslim community this Raksha Bandhan has a special place. This festival is celebrated in India along with the family members and in almost every part of India this festival is celebrated under different rituals only difference the custom and name changes. On this day of Raksha Bandhan the markets are filled with different variants of Rakhis meant which are meant for all ages. On this day the sisters offer special sweets, dishes and lip-smacking desserts to fill their brother’s heart with loads of joy and as a matter of fact this day is equally important to a brother as well as sister. This day has a special reason when it comes to gifting on behalf of the brother’s end when they deliver noteworthy gifts to their sister’s.

This Rakhi every individual makes her/his way towards the destiny about how to make their dear ones happy. This day every brother and sister enjoys this festival with enormous fun as they wait for this pious moment from last one year. This festival is not only enjoyed among the family members but even the neighbours are also invited after this Raksha Bandhan ritual gets over. This festival is not only enjoyed in India but also abroad where there is Indian origin and Rakhis are also delivered to the western countries and vice versa.

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