Surrender To This Sweet Environment And Deliver Rakhis To Your Beloved Brother

26 July 2016

Rakhi most commonly known as Raksha Bandhan in India is generally celebrated in the month of August every year. This day is popularly celebrated on a full moon day and is known as Shravan Purnima according to the Hindu calendar. There are various modes of sending Rakhis and this involves love, respect, dedication and many other aspects which are bonded together. Raksha Bandhan is a name which is popular in North and East India, Avani Avittam in South India, Pavitropana in Gujarat, Nariyal Purnima in Maharashtra. Unlike India Raksha Bnadhan is also celebrated abroad in the countries like Mauritius, South Africa, Australia, Maldives etc where there is indian origin. Raksha Bandhan is a pious festival which highlights the bonding between the members of a family for example Rakhi is tied by a sister, by a wife and by a mother. Nowadays it is not a mandate that Rakhis would be tied only by a sister to a brother but the scenario has changed from generation to generation. This season enjoy with the family members and devote your time in preparing some exclusive delicacies which gives a longlasting effect in the minds of the family members. On this particular day of Raksha Bandhan the sisters wake up early morning and offer prayers to God for the long life of the brother. After offering prayers “Aarti” is done and followed by this “Tilak” or vermilion powder which is applied on the forehead of the brother and pray for the long life, wealth of her brother. After this ritual the sisters prepare some sweet tempting delicacies which are mouth watering and they leave a lasting impression in the hearts of the brothers. Raksha Bandhan invites every individual despite of any caste or creed and they also enjoy the same custom or ritual. This awesome day spend some precious moment in the company of your brother who desires for the everlasting love. Nowadays Rakhi is gifted along with Chocolates which makes the pair more sumptuous and the love is expressed in a delightful manner which makes the hearts of the brothers bloom in joy.

The Chocolates have various varieties like Milk Chocolates, Dark Chocolates, Truffle Chocolates, Fruit and Nut Chocolates, Swiss Chocolates, Ferrero Rocher Chocolates, Lindt Premium Chocolates, Caramel Chocolates, White Hare Chocolates, Cafe Dew Chocolates and many other varieties. This festival bestows the hidden love which was stored for every brother by their sisters who loves them from the bottom of their hearts. When this Raksha Bandhan comes to an end the brothers showers their sisters with lovely gifts which was not a custom during the early times. The Chocolates are sent via baskets, keepsake boxes, Gift Packs, Celebration Boxes which are packed with varieties of Chocolates. Rakhis are decorated with precious stones, Gold, Diamonds, Pearls, Cartoon Characters, Zari, Zardosi etc which gives a fascinating look. The custom of Rakhi is quiet old and even during the historic period the queens used to tie a thread on the wrists of the kings of different empires. This custom was known as the bonding between a brother and a sister that later on was named as Raksha Bandhan. The tradition or custom varies from region to region but the matter of this Raksha Bandhan festival remains the same. Chocolates are sent with a motive to make every brother smile which is a wish of every sister to sprinkle happiness in her brother’s eyes. This custom paves the way where every sister makes some surprising delicacies for her brother on this particular day. The Chocolates are packed in some exquisite designer gift boxes which keeps them air-tight even after they are sent to the foreign countries. The traditional Rakhis are also considered as a hot item and have a huge demand in today’s world and are compared with the modern designer Rakhis. The Rakhis are sent to the foreign countries along with Chocolates and both the items are packed in special tin boxes, so that they remain fresh if there is any delay reaching the destination. Nowadays to cut down time people basically give Rakhi orders online to remain stress free and they remain sure about the fact that the products would reach at the scheduled time. This day is a remarkable day in the lives of both the sister as well as the brother, as they both wait for this day around one year back. Thus Raksha Bandhan is paired with love and friendship stored for the beloved brother along with Roli Chawal which is a mandate on this occasion. Therefore everyone celebrates this colourful occasion with a great glam.

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