Recognize mother’s affection with cherished sentiments and endearment for her

2 May 2016

Mothers are the most generous and endowing of all relations inherited by us.  They are the prime base on which all our relationships flourish. What we owe to our mothers, can never be paid back to them during our lifetime. Without mothers, no self or the entity we title as “Society” would even persist. Each single mother in this world is entitled for caress and nurture. The singularity of a mother in her child’s life is something in itself which needs an ovation. As uttered Kate Douglas Wiggin "Most of all the other beautiful things in life come by twos and threes by dozens and hundreds. Plenty of roses, stars, sunsets, rainbows, brothers, and sisters, aunts and cousins, but only one mother in the whole world." Mother's Day brings the spell to utter “Thank You” to every mother's divine love. It is a bout that urges for not much but only for the recognition of the endeavors and sufferings which a mother bears, for the sole fulfillment of her child’s dreams. Mother’s Day is essentially the time for offering sincere reverence to mothers and lauding the pious reality known as motherhood. Commemorated as a yearly occurrence throughout the world mainly on the second Sunday of May, the universality of this fete lies in its prime purpose i.e the esteeming of the sublime bondage between a mother and her child. As known to all, this nexus remains unchanged and intact throughout countries, cultures and religions and thus the idea of Mother’s Day has gained its foothold and significance in almost all countries of the world.

The concept of venerating motherhood is not novel in India as well. It is significantly emphasized in Indian mythologies as well with references to Goddesses as Ma an example of the same. Mothers and motherhood has always been offered distinctive honor in Indian society. The holiday of Mother’s Day is to fill mothers with lots of love and laughter. Accompanying one’s mother to pleasing outdoor experience like a movie-watching, sight-seeing, shopping with her, intensifies the blessed bond shared by her son/daughter with her and also fills her with a wholesome delightful experience. Mother’s Day can also be celebrated splendidly by staying at home. From preparing breakfast for one’s mother and letting her enjoying it in bed, to arranging for a spa or beauty treatment for her at home or in the salon, to letting her take a break from everyday household chores, the second Sunday of May can be earnestly dedicated to her. The cherry on the top can be a dinner-party held at home with she being the guest of honor and which will begin with showering her with titillating souvenirs like pleasurable Greetings Cards, jewelries, chocolates, cosmetics, riveting bouquets, and so on. Popular as a card and gift giving day in the metropolitan cities of the world, Mother’s Day has become the most commercialized holiday for dining out and jewelry sales. You too imbue your mother’s mind with the dulcet ardor of the day by nestling her with all the cosset. Send Mother’s Day Gifts to India Same Day through the virtual shopping portals and glut the core of your mother with scented sentiments. Dedicate one day of the year to that benevolent lady who gives her everything for ensuring your enhancement.

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