Rakhi Purnima - A Blessed Spell Not-To-Be Hindered By Barriers Of Time And Distance

22 April 2016

The revelry of Rakhi (the virtuous tie) is one of the most cherished and awaited ceremonies of the Hindu society. A recognition of both the innate bond between biological brothers and sisters and of the mental bond of kinship among two unrelated man and woman, the conviviality of Rakhi is celebrated with all the exuberance and gaiety by Hindus in India and as well as across the world where they have put up. This consecrated occasion cardinally celebrates the devout nexus that is shared by a man and a woman of the same blood. Inherently crafted as a fete to venerate the relationship of blood brothers and sisters, the fete of Rakhi also endorses the dulcet linkage of fraternity between a man and a woman, who are connected to each other as brother and sister not by blood, but by heart. This essence of the carousal, titled as ‘Raksha Bandhan’ by the Hindus in India and throughout the world, demonstrates to the world the eternity and piety of the fraternal connection shared by the two opposite sexes of mankind.

The prime time of the chaste gala of “Raksha Bandhan” arrives annually on the day Hinduism terms as “Shravan Purnima” i.e. a mid-August day accompanied by a full moon night. In addition to the chaste deed of “Raksha Bandhan” i.e. tying of the blessed and chromatic string of Rakhi on the right wrist of the brother by his blood or soul sister, this day is further sequenced with some more aesthetic traditions of Hinduism like “Aarti’, “Tilak” and “Mooh Mitha”. The holy praxis of “Aarti” requires the sister to move around the face of her brother for three times, a metal plate or “Thali” decorated with a lit up candle or lamp, confectionaries and the colorful pious cord of Rakhi, with deep-felt affection and heed for her brother. This praxis is followed by the pleasing custom of “Tilak” which evinces bedecking one’s brother’s forehead with a colorful large spot by a mixture of rice and vermillion. The ceremony of “Raksha Bandhan” follows these two rituals, during the accomplishment of which a sister, by the uttering of hymns, prays to God for a healthy, hilarious and plentiful life for her brother and after the accomplishment of which a brother pledges, with all the sincerity, to shield his sister from any and every vice during the lifetime. The sweetened ending to these three protocols happens by the observance of “Mooh Mitha” at which both the sister and the brother feed each other with one or two bites of sweet. Accompanies these religious traditions, the blithesome affair of showering one’s brother with gladsome gifts and correspondingly bestowing the loving sister with fitting presents. Thus is practiced one of the most moral observances of Hinduism-“Raksha Bandhan”, with all the earnestness and buoyancy by the Hindus in India and throughout the world.

Modern Day 24*7 lifestyle has made it almost a well-o-wisp for brothers and sisters to get together and observe, with full devotion and perfection, the blessed fete of Rakhi. The craze for moving up and up the ladder of career and lifestyle has distanced brothers from sisters in different states or countries and vice versa. The rush towards success and opulence has got intensified to such a height that taking time out to meet up at the heyday of Rakhi becomes impossible even for brothers and sisters residing in the same city. During such a busy environ of present times, really fortunate are those brother-sister duos who unite and impeccably realize the divine commemoration of “Raksha Bandhan”. However for the rest unfortunate duos who, due to the compulsions of work-loads and deadlines and targets, remain unable to solemnize the pure stint of  Rakhi, there comes 21st Century’s most choice apparatus—the online shopping portals. These cyber shopping porches, with their diverse and myriad collection of radiant Rakhis, savory Sweets, decorative “Aarti Thali” and fetching Rakhi souvenirs has made it possible for a sister based in India to convey her heart-felt greetings and reverence to her N.R.I brother based at any country in the world, during the bout of “Raksha Bandhan”, by sending him a Rakhi and related genial presents through the porches, enwrapped with her warmth and wholesome wishes for her brother’s mirth and fortune. The distinctive trait of these e-shopping zones of sending return gifts to endeared sisters further facilitates the chosen brother, with an emotionally filled heart, to deliver to his prized sister jaunty presents enhanced with his vow to preserve her existence for all times to come. The virtual vestibules offer a titillating collection of engaging Rakhis. These online porches also stock mind-beguiling “Aarti Thalis” of metal brass, copper, stainless steel, silver and gold and with enticing pattern and fancy artistry. Some special “Thalis” also come with a bowl full of rice and vermillion meant for the “Tilak” tradition. Along with these, keeping at pace with the changing tastes and likings of Indians, these e-stores further provide exquisite Rakhi-special combos like Floral Thali, Dry Fruit Thali, Choco-Toffee Thali and more of such pleasantries. The online portals also let a sister or a brother to fulfill own heart’s desire in wishing the other beatific greetings of Rakhi solely with a honeyed fervor by offering an avid stock of Rakhi-special toothsome sweetmeat ensembles like “Laddus”, Chocolates, Assorted Sweets of renowned brands and similar such delectable delights. These zones further present eye-catching Rakhi special greeting cards, with affectionate and earnest phrases inscribed within, for sending to one’s brother during the holy spell of “Raksha Bandhan”. When it comes to sending return gifts to treasured sisters, these vestibules showcases an admirable vast collection of presents ranging from clothes, cosmetics to home d├ęcor and health. In this way aids, 21st century’s most laudable technological revolution---E-Commerce, in solemnizing the pietistic period of “Raksha Bandhan” for brothers and sisters distanced due to compulsions, but linked to soul due to fraternity.

During the heyday of Rakhi, geographically separated brothers and sisters, apart from shopping from the e-shopping zones winsome Rakhi tokens for bestowing each other with and bonding thus, also prefer to connect to each other with all the heartiness by conversing with each other through Video Chats via computers and by writing to each other soul-touching E-Mails and sending each other mind-gripping Electronic Greeting Cards. These esteemed and advanced offerings of Information Technology not only adds a dulcet vibe in the pensive minds of brothers and sisters, staying apart from each other, at the aeon of “Raksha Bandhan”---but also helps those little brothers and sisters, of short economic resources, to imbue each other with impassioned and affected fervency of Rakhi.

Thus gets evinced the salutary contribution of Internet and related E-Commerce in Hinduism’s most pious celebration “Raksha Bandhan” and hopes get raised for intensification of this endeavor for times to come, by which no duet of Hindu brother and sister, staying close or staying far, will miss the divine event, due to compulsions of time and chores.

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