Send Adorable Gifts for a Week long before Valentine’s Day

10 February 2014

To show your intense passionate love towards your loving partner

Love in its various forms acts as a major facilitator of interpersonal relationships and owing to its central psychological importance, is one of the most common themes in the creative passion. It may also describe compassionate and affectionate actions towards the woman or man you love the most. To show your intense passionate love towards your loving partner; a day is being observed a day in the month of February every year; known as Valentine’s Day. On this particular day young couples send gifts as a token of love to each other and confess their true love towards them. Though the Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14th February around the world, but young couples start dedicating their love a week before this special day. While most couples are busy preparing for the special day, many of them do not want to limit the celebration of love just to one single day. They decide to shower their love the entire week. You may also choose to celebrate the occasion for the whole week proceeding the romantic day by sending Flowers, Cards, Small Gifts and various other tokens of love. This will keep reminding your partner that loving day is actually approaching. Plan a week before this special day about what are the things that can be a mood setter though being excited about it is in itself a big draw; you make your partner feel wanted and special. The week starts with a Rose Day on the first where lovers greet on another with Crimson Red Roses or send an acknowledgement Cards to impress their partner. Then comes the Propose Day on the second where couples are often preferred to announce love or propose wedding to your partner and provides affectionate gifts to each other. On the third comes Chocolate Day is being observed where love binds people send delicious chocolates to one another and its sweetness can sure enough enhance the charm in their relationships. Then comes the Teddy Day on the fourth where the couples tickle them with soft toys which will definitely recollects old memories and resemble the soft nature of your partner with this soft teddy. Love comes with voluminous responsibility, true commitments to concrete your relation; that is guaranteed with a promise to fulfill it on Promise Day that is observed on the fifth day. Hug your partner or friend tightly. Hugging is a vital expression of warm-heartedness and affectionate. Simply take some time and steady and show your partner that you simply love, care and support him/her during the hug day on the sixth in series of the week. Lastly it accompanied with a kiss day to express your heartfelt passionate desire to love your partner immensely. All these special days constitute a week before romantic day to make the celebration long to make an overwhelming impact on your partner to cherish throughout the lifelong impression.

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